The Purple Plumbing People began over ten years ago with Roly Paterson working as a small plumbing business serving a small area. His enthusiasm to provide a greater, more comprehensive service resulted in expanding into oil and LPG heating systems, growing the team all the while with qualified engineers who fitted the bill for The Purple Plumbing People’s commitment to quality, expertise and professionalism.

Susan Paterson made it her mission to ensure that the business grew steadily and professionally. Always making sure the customers were well informed and happy with their service. Always ensuring the business invested in up-to-date training to keep the team on top of their profession. Always making sure that all pricing was transparent and communicated to the customer. This enabled the creation of a Customer Charter that is adhered to by our engineers, who take it seriously as a guideline in their work.

The success and growth of The Purple Plumbing People is a testament to Roly and Susan’s passion for a plumbing and heating business that has a great work ethic. On the back of this success, they decided to create a separate, high-quality bathroom installation company. And so The Lavender Bathroom Company was created in 2014. Highly experienced, professional installers are employed by the company and the testimonials received from our customers reflect the quality of the workmanship always provided.



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